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Why Nexus?

Now in its fourth year, Nexus brings together senior technology and business investors seeking to understand how to access and participate in thriving Latin America and Caribbean economies. Our conference, networking and content program are all geared to increase market knowledge for executives responsible for regional and global expansion, third-party consulting partnerships and outsourcing engagements.


“A great session to get up to speed with the LATAM market, relevant strengths of each country”
David Kirk
Head of Technology Globalization
JP Morgan Chase
“Got many nuggets of ideas that it was well worth it. Nuggets= ideas + contacts.”
Tim Norton
Director of Vendor Management

Who Should Attend?

  • Senior IT and Software Decision Makers
  • Senior Finance and Accounting Decision Makers
  • Senior Call Customer Experience/ Customer Care Executives
  • Heads of Sourcing and Shared Services
  • Global Business Services and Vendor Management Heads
  • Outsourcing Consultants and Advisors

How We Operate

Nexus is an invitation-only conference. Executives in the job roles mentioned above are invited to attend. Visit this page to request an invitation.


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